Bantu Knots Page Updated!

Hello Maicurlies,


So I finally did it…. I reattempted my Bantu Knots again! And let me tell you! I am loving the new and improved results! I had tried them in the past (2011) and did not like the results so I thought “Bantu Knots are not for me”…but it looks like I might have been wrong! 

In my “Bantu Knots” page under the “Mai Hairstyles” Tab I had mentioned where I think I went wrong back in 2011 and noted down a few things I would change when/if I revisited them and I did. Now the end results are not “perfect” but I think that I will get better with practice… I also think I might have been a little too “fluff happy” and separated them a little too much but nevertheless I still enjoyed the light, fluffy and bouncy curls! Click here to get more details and see the end results!

Let me know what you think!




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