My French Bourjois Updo

Hey Maicurlies,

I finally have a styling tutorial!

French Bourjois Updo

                                                         French Bourjois Updo

This is what I like to refer to as my French Bourjois Updo. Now, I have shown you something similar before during my protective challenge in Week 6 (without a tutorial) but this looks a little difference. Even though the method of how I did the style is the same, the main difference is that my hair was taken down from twists during my Protective Style Challenge and in this demo I was working with week old hair that NEEDED a wash!

french bourjoisI will point out that I was on a “carefree” I don’t mind the frizz attitude. I had run out of henna and needed to go to the market to get some before washing my hair, so I didn’t want to add too much to my hair or do too much either.

You can make the style more polished and slick with the use of some gel. I would suggest using a light spray gel so that it is not uber sleek (check my DIY Spray Flaxseed Gel). But like I said I decided I wanted to rock it as is, so I went out frizz and all :). 


  • Hair clips (to separate hair)
  • Water – spray bottle
  • Bobby pins (I used 8 in total)
  • Gel (optional – I didn’t use any)

Instructions: much easier explained/understood in video!

Would love some feedback Maicurlies 🙂




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