Whipped Fluffy Coconut Oil-Cream Video is up on YouTube!

Good Morning Maicurlies!


So I managed to squeeze in one last video for 2013! It is my simple and quick Whipped DIY Fluffy Coconut “Oil/Cream”. As I have mentioned in my Blog and in the video is use this as one part of some of the mixes I make. I use this for both my skin and my hair however I mainly use the Coconut Oil/Cream as the base of my Face & Body Moisturizer and would add other ingredients to it. I also occasionally add it to my DIY Hair Gel (Flaxseed Gel.) You can read about my Oil/Cream here and watch the video here.

The main ingredient is obviously Coconut Oil and this is actually the only ingredient you will need. I do add Essential oils to my mix (either Peppermint or Lavender) but this is completely optional. The two requirements for the mix  are:

  1. To use semi solid coconut oil
  2. You must use a whisk (electric or hand held will work.) You can not use a blender as the blades will heat up the oil and turn it into a liquid.


I hope you enjoy my video! And I hope you are enjoying the last few days of this year with big hopes and dreams for the coming year!




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