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Protective Style & Castor Oil Week 1 Update

Good Morning Maicurlies,

Protective style challenge 1st weekIt has been a week since I started the Protective Style and Castor Oil Challenge setup in Napturally Curly.com’s forum.

How did my first week go?

It went really well! I enjoyed the fact that I didn’t have to do too much with my hair in the morning. I literally just fixed the top of my hair (I slept with a satin scarf which sort of helped keep down fly-aways). “Fixing” didn’t take long and I was out the door. My roots felt super soft and I only moisturized my hair 2 times the whole week.

What Did I do?

  • I washed my hair the day before the challenge started (which was the 21st September), moisturized, sealed and then let it air dry in twists.
  • Day 1 – First hairstly: After taking down the twists I massaged a little of my mixed Castor/Rose Infused Grapeseed Oil with Peppermint on my scalp, hairline and a  tiny bit to my ends. This is the style I did for the first 3 days.
1st style

I put my hair in a ponytail, made about 8 twists, wrapped them around to make a bun and held it in place with bobby pins.

  • Day 3 – I reapplied some castor oil mix to my scalp and hairline.
  • Day4 – I re-moisturized my hair with my leave-in conditioner, again massaged my scalp and hairline with the castor mix and also put a dab on my ends and changed my hair style to this:
I put my hair in a ponytail and then rolled my ends up and under towards my head. Using bobby pins I keep my ends tucked underneath.

I put my hair in a ponytail and rolled my ends up and under – towards my head. Using bobby pins I kept my ends tucked underneath and used a ribbon for a little added color.

  • Day 7 (yesterday) – Washed my hair and did a henna gloss;

I put my hair in twists to air dry, pinned them down for the night and will be styling my hair for the next 3 days!

Looking forward to the new week ahead!