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Birthday Bash “Wish I Had” Outfits

Hi Maicurlies! 

So it is my Birthday tomorrow (7th March) and if I had my pick I would want to wear either one of these ensembles. I love celebrating other peoples birthdays, getting gifts for them and partying but when it comes to mine I am a little “meh” about it.

Nevertheless friends have planned a dinner first at a nice Japanese Restaurant and then we will head out to one of the local bars to finish off the night.

I love the dresses because they are not “toooo much” but with the accessories they are just right for a birthday occasion don’t you think?

Birthday Bash "Wish I Had" Outfits

Some Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Him & Her

Hi Maicurlies,

Valentines Day is slowly creeping up on us and if you happen to be one of those last minute shoppers and do not know what to get your “significant other” here are some ideas. 

Some Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Him & Her

I hope you all have a fantastic Valentines Day and if case you do not have a “significant other” fret not! Celebrate with your single friends…there is always next time 😉