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Birthday Bash “Wish I Had” Outfits

Hi Maicurlies! 

So it is my Birthday tomorrow (7th March) and if I had my pick I would want to wear either one of these ensembles. I love celebrating other peoples birthdays, getting gifts for them and partying but when it comes to mine I am a little “meh” about it.

Nevertheless friends have planned a dinner first at a nice Japanese Restaurant and then we will head out to one of the local bars to finish off the night.

I love the dresses because they are not “toooo much” but with the accessories they are just right for a birthday occasion don’t you think?

Birthday Bash "Wish I Had" Outfits

Very Last Minute Gift Ideas

If you are running out of time for Christmas Gifts here are a few little suggestions for him/her. Ranging from Lipstick, Perfume, Men’s Clothing & Accessories to Books and Book Holders do not stress I am sure you will find something out there! 

Very Last Minute Gift Ideas

I would like to wish you Happy Holidays and A Merry Christmas in advance!