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Simple DIY Deep Conditioners

Hello Maicurlies

As you well know, I am a DIY freak! I love the whole research and mixing process (some trails are a fail but that is part of the fun right?!) Anyways, I came across a post in Natura Magazine by TyLisa which covers the topic of DIY Deep Conditioners. 

photo credit: Chiot's Run via photopin cc

               photo credit: Chiot’s Run via photopin cc

I of course have my own concoctions that I mix up for Moisture, Protein and Strengthening

It is important to have a balance of moisture and protein so that your hair is neither dry nor “mushy” or “stretchy” when it is over moisturized. Having a balanced routine means that your hair is receiving the right amount of nourishment to be healthy, thrive and grow.

There are three really simple yet effective DIY Deep Conditioners in the article “The World of Homemade Deep Conditioners“. If you are not the biggest fan of mixing a bunch of ingredients together these recipes are so simple and you probably already have the ingredients at home that you have to give it a try. Trust me once you get the DIY bug in you, you won’t want to stop!




Henna & Amla Explanation, Mix & Application Videos

DSC03132 DSC03174

Hello World Wide Web!

So I just did a my Strengthening Deep Conditioner (DC) – Henna & Amla (well I did it a few days ago) and let me tell you I do not know why I was so lazy with this DC AGAIN. (I slacked a lot recently) but every time I redo it I fall in love with these Ayurvedic Herbs all over again! I made two different videos, edited them and have them up! My Henna and Amla Explanation video does as the name implies: explains what I use, why I use it and how I use the DC. I also added in extra information such as the benefits of using  Ayurvedic Herbs. (I only lightly touched on the topic in the video because it started to get too long!)

The second video Strengthening Deep Conditioner  demonstrates how I actually mix up my DC as well as how I apply it,  I think my DIY Henna /Amla DC section under ‘Mai Hair Routines’ pretty much covers the content of both the videos. 

I hope the information is informative!