(Update) Workout Week 1

Hello Maicurlies,

In order to stay committed (yes again) I decided I will update my workout weeks on here. In case you missed my previous post, you can find my entire workout sheet here.

Week 1 Workout Schedule

So my first week back on the “workout wagon” went really well. I totally enjoyed each session and I was able to stick to my plan but let me tell you, Billy Blanks is no joke! 

I am trying to stick to as healthy a diet as I can (trust me this is not easy for me). On the plus side, I cook everything I eat myself so I know exactly what I am eating and there are no hidden ingredients etc. I ventured to make my own homemade fruit ice-cream which was mostly (mostly) healthy! This baby contained fresh pineapples (I had them cut into pieces and in the freezer for my smoothies), frozen strawberries, frozen mixed red berries, coconut water (with coconut chunks), a little condensed milk (the not entirely healthy part) and that was it. I blended the fruits with the coconut water then added the condensed milk, reblended it, poured into my container and into the freezer it went. Then into my tummy it rested LOL.

Homemade Ice Cream

IT IS SO  GOOD…..SOOOOO GOOD! I have to limit myself on how much I take and I gave some to my mother so I wouldn’t overindulge. 

Anyways, I am looking forward to week 2!




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