Finger Twirled Wash And Go

Hey Maicurlies,

Today I have an updated styling video today which is my “Finger Twirled Wash and Go”. The method I use basically helps to enhance the curl pattern of my hair. For whatever reason, it tends to allow me to get more days out of a Wash and Go which is always welcomed. 

Finger Twirled Wash and Go

                                                    Finger Twirled Wash and Go

In the tutorial I started off with wet freshly co-washed hair that I already sectioned into twists to make it easier to get through my hair.  

Products Used:


I first made sure my hair was damp, applied the Leave-In, followed by a few pumps from the FSG and then the oil to seal in everything. My hair was already detangled before I started so when I raked the products through my hair I didn’t have any issues with tangles. Once the products were raked in I twirled small sections of hair around my finger to enhance the curls and then let my hair air dry.

While wet

                                                        While Damp

After 3 hours my hair was dry. Even after my hair was dry it still looked mousey! I have fine natural hair so it always looks mousey when wet, when I use Gel, if I use too much product etc especially on the initial day of styling. I get rid of this unwanted look by massaging my scalp with my fingertips to lift my roots, head bang (a lot), scrunch and basically just try to make my hair have life! 

Dried (day 1)

                                                 Dried (Day 1)

The image below is on day 2. I get a little more “ompf” in my hair as the days go on (I also had frizz with the “ompf” but I am happy to get frizz if I also get fullness!) 

Day 2

                                                          Day 2

Here is a video of my method:

I would love to hear what you think! 

P.S. I am going to go on a Henna Journey soon (I have probably mentioned this before LOL). I use to do a lot of henna treatments (a few years ago) and at the time my hair was soooo happy, thick, shiny etc and I have been meaning to do some kind of challenge. I will keep you updated!





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