Aritha Review Video Up on YouTube

Good Evening Maicurlies,

Hesh Aritha

                                                        Hesh Aritha

I recorded another video! (I am trying to keep video making consistent but I over analyze EVERYTHING!) Anyways, this is part 2 of my experiments and reviews of natural Auverdic shampooos. I  have already written about Aritha which you can read here. The video explains where you can purchase it, my experiments and personal “verdict” of the  Auverdic shampoo.

You can watch the video below:

Please remember that this is my personal experience with the product and the review is based on the results I got after trying the product in different ways. I was not asked or compensated to mention or use the product. I bought the Aritha with my own money and have provided my own honest opinion about it. 

I really would love to know if you have used Aritha before or any other Ayurvedic powder as a shampoo. 




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