Shikakai Review Video Up on YouTube

Good Afternoon Maicurlies,


                                                            Hesh Shikakai

I just wanted to make a quick post that I recorded a video about my experiments and review of Shikakai Powder as an all natural Auverdic shampoo. I already wrote about Shikakai, where you can purchase it, my experiments and personal “verdict” of the  Auverdic shampoo here

You can watch the video below:

Please remember that this is my personal experience with the product and the review is based on the results I got after trying the product in different ways. I was not asked or compensated to mention or use the product. I bought the Shikakai with my own money and have provided my own honest opinion about it. 

I really would love to know if you have used Shikakai before or any other Ayurvedic powder as a shampoo. 




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