The Faux-Hawk

Good Evening Maicurlies!

I hope all is well and you are enjoying the start of 2014!

I haven’t tried a “Faux Hawk” in a while, there is no real reason as to why I haven’t…I guess I just forgot. After my Wash Day Routine I put my hair in 5 braids, applied my DIY Creamy Leave-In conditioner (to wet hair) and then sealed in the moisture with my DIY Mixed Sealing Oil. I used bobby pins to pin the braids down and stretch them and then covered my hair with my scarf overnight. My intention was to actually wear my hair out and “flowy” so the next morning, I took the braids down (with a little sealing oil on my fingertips) and my hair decided it did not want to corporate. It wasn’t feeling the “flowly-ness” I wanted, so I gave in and tired something different and this is what I ended up with!


Now this is not your traditional “Faux Hawk” because gravity is basically pulling my hair down due to its length. I will be trying this again after a Wash-n-Go because I am sure if I do not stretch my hair (with braids) then the length will be a little shorter and I might get more of a “spunky” look. I do love this though because I find it elegant and I LOVE that just due to braiding my hair I get to take advantage of my length!

I have a write-up of my Long “Faux-Hawk” and photos to go with it here

Do you rock a Faux-hawk, Fro-hawk? If so let me know, I would love to hear from you!




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