List of Natural Ingredients

Gooood Afternoon World Wide Web!

natural ingredient list header

After a few months of doing this (blogging) I realized I was missing something! In some of my DIY mixes I have listed why I use certain ingredients and others I haven’t. Now it gets a bit repetitive if for each individual recipe page I repeat why I use Aloe Vera Juice, Grapeseed Oil etc. SO I have come up with a solution! Write down a list of natural ingredients that I use and why! I will make two separate lists (one for hair and one for skin.) This way there is one location with all the information – name of ingredient, how it can be used, why it is used and so on. I of course use a lot of the same products for both my hair and skin but they have different benefits and nourish in different ways since they target different areas. 

I will also do a little research on other natural ingredients you can use for different purposes (because my way is not the ONLY way.) This way I will have a list of not only the ingredients I use but you can refer to a list of other alternatives :)!

Ok that’s all folks (for now!) 




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