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Nominated for The Fashionista Award!!!

The Fashionista Award

                                                    The Fashionista Award

Hey Mailcurlies,

I am SUPER honored to be nominated by the beaaautiful Ms. Kesia owner of IslandKynks (thank you love!) for the Fashionista Award hosted by That Chic Fashion Blog.

Part of the nomination is to answer a few questions and then to nominate other bloggers and share the love so here it goes:

1. What motivated you to start blogging?

The number one reason was because I personally found so much help online and I truely believe that if it was not for the online naturalista community I would not have come as far as I have with my hair. My family were very supportive but I was able to share & learn through the online community and wanted to “give back” in any way I could. If my blog can help one transitioner/natural I am a happy girl! Plus I am obsessed with all things natural so this was a way for me to unburden my family who have to listen to me go on about hair  A LOT! 🙂

2. Favorite movies?

I am a big crime, “true life”, thrillers and “movies that touch the heart” fan so: The Godfather, Blow, I am Sam, Schindler’s list, American Gangster, Donnie Brasco, The Departed, In America, The Pianist, Invictus, and basically ALL Johny Depp movies because he is an amazing actor & HOT!

3. What is you’re dream career?

I would love to own my own Cafe where have a little section to sell DIY Jewelry and homemade Hair products (mainly butters) .I want to work with a non-for-profit organization in Africa to help raise funds for African Women and children to help build hospitals and schools.

4. Top wish list items at the moment?

I do not REALLY need/want but I wouldn’t mind a ticket to visit New Zealand to see my best friend who got married and had a baby and I couldn’t make it for the wedding or birth or her beautiful baby girl.

5. Favorite television shows?

Currently just finished Game of Thrones, Hannibal & Grey’s Anatomy impatiently awaiting new seasons!

6. What store do you find yourself shopping in the most?

Forever 21, Zara, H&M, Pimkie

7. Favorite fashion designers?

Charles and Keith Wong (CHARLES & KEITH Shoes and Accessories), Calvin Klein

8. Describe you’re dream vacation?

Going to a lush tropical island with my sister for a little bonding time doing absolutely nothing apart from visiting the spa, sun bathing, eating good food, drinking yummy cocktails, visiting local markets and mingling with the locals!

9. What are the goals for you’re blog?

I hope to be able to help some people through my own personal experiences, learn from others and develop a great connection with my readers and other bloggers! I would love for it to become and learning and sharing platform.

10. If you had the opportunity to interview a celebrity, who would it be?

If I had the opportunity (and the capability of inventing a time machine) I would go back in time and interview Tracey Chapman! I love her voice, music & her hair! 

I nominate:

Love Thy Introvert

Clueless Curl

Natural Review 

Crazy 4 Coconut

Classy Curlies

Glam Natural Life

Tiffany Nichols Design

Healthy Hair and Body 

Natural Nicole

Minimalist Beauty

Go ahead ladies! 

The requirements for the competition can be found on That Chic Fashion Blog.

Once again Thank You Kesia means a lot girly! 🙂 



I can touch your hair right?

Hey Maicurlies,

I came across two videos on YouTube and maybe some of you have already seen this as it was out in 2013. Nevertheless, I loved the conversations that were brought up, opinions, points of view etc.

It basically boils down to whether you are fine with people touching your hair or not. Personally, I do not really have an issue with someone wanting to touch my hair but I do have some “conditions”. By conditions I mean it depends on how the person approaches wanting to touch my hair.

  1. If you are asking because you are genuinely  curious as apposed to treating me like I am a dog who’s hair you want to pat, and more importantly,
  2. If you ask!

I have no issues with people wanting to see what it feels like, asking me how I maintain my hair etc but if you randomly touch my hair just because you happen to be standing next to me and feel like you have a “right” to touch my hair… without asking…then I get mad!

Granted I think I have only had two random people reach out and bounce their hand on my hair (without asking) saying “oooh it is soft and bouncy” while looking at their friends. Yeah, that didn’t go down well! Usually people will say something nice and ask “how do you get it like that?” LOL…I’m like ummmm like what? Curly? Ask my mama :). My sister gets a lot more people who want to touch her hair because she has a lovely big, full, fluffy Afro so that sort of catches peoples attention. She is less inclined to let people touch her hair especially if she feels like you are just asking so you can turn around and have a giggle with your friends and say “No it isn’t really hard…it just feels weird”. If you randomly touch her hair….watch out LOL!

In the video one lady was saying how someone really dug into her hair …actually reaching her roots! Now that is just crazy!

I had a discussion with a few of the lovely ladies on  NapturallyCurly.com (you need to check out the forum if you haven’t already). I love talking with the ladies on there because we cover everything from: “how to” styling videos/images/advice, how we take care of our hair, suggestions for newbies as well as general conversations (not hair related.)

We all shared our own views as to whether we are OK with people touching our hair, why or why not, under what conditions etc. 

I really would love to hear how you feel about people wanting to touch your hair. Are you alright with it? 




Natural Hair On The News

Good Morning Maicurlies,

So before I start I have to say 2 things: 1. I came across this video thanks to a lovely natural head on Napturally Curly Hair Forum and 2. this is “old” and might be “old news” for you. The video was shared in one of the forums and I have never seen it before even though this it is from 2010!

So the first video shows how going natural affected 3 women, in that, they decided to go on their own personal natural journey for different reasons. 

The little girl at the end of the video is too cute! 

The second video is a follow up of the story showing the feedback and response from audiences who watched the original story. 

I have to say while this might be “old news” the core of the story is still alive and well so I had to share. I do not want to mention the name of the lovely lady who shared the video (respecting her privacy) but Thank You lovely lady! 😀 

Have a fantastic day Maicurlies!