I can touch your hair right?

Hey Maicurlies,

I came across two videos on YouTube and maybe some of you have already seen this as it was out in 2013. Nevertheless, I loved the conversations that were brought up, opinions, points of view etc.

It basically boils down to whether you are fine with people touching your hair or not. Personally, I do not really have an issue with someone wanting to touch my hair but I do have some “conditions”. By conditions I mean it depends on how the person approaches wanting to touch my hair.

  1. If you are asking because you are genuinely  curious as apposed to treating me like I am a dog who’s hair you want to pat, and more importantly,
  2. If you ask!

I have no issues with people wanting to see what it feels like, asking me how I maintain my hair etc but if you randomly touch my hair just because you happen to be standing next to me and feel like you have a “right” to touch my hair… without asking…then I get mad!

Granted I think I have only had two random people reach out and bounce their hand on my hair (without asking) saying “oooh it is soft and bouncy” while looking at their friends. Yeah, that didn’t go down well! Usually people will say something nice and ask “how do you get it like that?” LOL…I’m like ummmm like what? Curly? Ask my mama :). My sister gets a lot more people who want to touch her hair because she has a lovely big, full, fluffy Afro so that sort of catches peoples attention. She is less inclined to let people touch her hair especially if she feels like you are just asking so you can turn around and have a giggle with your friends and say “No it isn’t really hard…it just feels weird”. If you randomly touch her hair….watch out LOL!

In the video one lady was saying how someone really dug into her hair …actually reaching her roots! Now that is just crazy!

I had a discussion with a few of the lovely ladies on  NapturallyCurly.com (you need to check out the forum if you haven’t already). I love talking with the ladies on there because we cover everything from: “how to” styling videos/images/advice, how we take care of our hair, suggestions for newbies as well as general conversations (not hair related.)

We all shared our own views as to whether we are OK with people touching our hair, why or why not, under what conditions etc. 

I really would love to hear how you feel about people wanting to touch your hair. Are you alright with it? 




2 thoughts on “I can touch your hair right?

  1. Crazy4Coconut

    I’m ok with people asking to touch my hair, but when someone just dives in there without asking or fluffs my hair you’re definitely gonna get a look and I’m gonna ask you never to do that again. It’s violating to me.


    1. maicurls Post author

      Oh no…there is a biiiig difference between touching and fluffing, digging in there, ruffling etc lol. Touching is alright if you ask…otherwise like you said, you will be warned (and that is holding it back)



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