DIY Natural Ayurvedic Cleanser

Hello Maicurlies,

I am back with my videos and blog posts (finally). Figured it was time to share what my current hair routines look like since a couple of things have changed since I last recorded a DIY hair post (which has been forever ago).


I will be doing a “mini series” and to start things off I am going to share my DIY Ayurvedic Hair Cleanser.


  • 0.75oz Shikakai Powder (Review)
  • 1oz Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)
  • 16oz Distilled water
  • (Optional) 5 drops Peppermint Essential Oil/any other Essential Oil (if you are pregnant please do not use any Essential Oil).



You can replace the Shikakai with Aritha Powder (review here). Aritha is too “harsh” (cleanses my hair too well) leaving it feeling stripped and “squeaky clean”, which is why I do not use it personally.


Combine all the ingredients together in a container and mix, that’s it!


I pour the mix over my scalp first and the roots of my hair and then slowly work down. Some of you might want to strain the mix with a cheese cloth however, it is not necessary. Once you rinse out the mix in the shower you should be left with clean, shiny hair.


You can read all about shikakai in this review.


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