Maicurls Shop (opening in June)

Hey Maicurlies,

I know, I KNOW….its been a minute, more like a few minutes, ok a WHOLE year! (hangs head in shame).

I let life get the better of me and dropped the ball on my blog…and I apologize sincerely. I do not have a good “excuse” other than I lost focus but I do promise to get back into it.

I wanted to start off by sharing some exciting news.

I am in the process of opening an online store! The name will be reveled once I have everything up and running (in my next post so you can connect directly to my store).  But, yes, you read that right; a store is in the works! Over the past few, years many of you have been encouraging me to take this step and I am eternally grateful for the vote of confidence and support.

But before you jump up screaming “whipped butta for dayssss” ….it will take time for certain items to be made public ready. I am in the process of figuring out relocating (moving half way across the world) so I need set myself up with a space that I know I will be in for a while before I can start bulk ordering things. Initially I am starting off with my handmade up-cycled earrings (I have a few photos of them in this post) along with a few handmade accessories such as necklaces & chokers.

The plan is to have a fully functioning online store that will provide handmade hair & body products (natural based) along with accessories that are Eco-conscious. So as of June (God willing) my online store will start operating and as I mentioned items will be added as time progresses.

Please remember to follow me on all my social media pages because I tend to post a lot on my Instagram and Twitter (news tends to hit there first). If you don’t already follow me on YouTube please do because I plan on doing more DIY’s now that my focus is back.

Once again thank you to everyone that’s been my cheerleader, your words of encouragement definitely have not been ignored, if anything they helped motivate me.


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