Nefertiti Head Wrap

Hey Maicurlies,

It is another wrap day today! I like to call this my Nefertiti Head Wrap. 🙂


I put  these photos on my Instagram page a little while ago:

and was sweetly asked if I could do a tutorial which I was very happy to do. These are the things I use to do the style:

  • A hair bubble
  • Silk Satin Scarf
  • Scarf/wrap (external wrap)

I have a quick “how to” method in photos:

  1. I make a bun (mine was a messy bun)
  2. I use the silk satin scarf to cover the bun – I use this to help protect my hair from the external scarf/wrap since that is made of cotton and also because it helps to make the wrap appear bigger. 
  3. I first tuck one end of the external scarf against my scalp and then wrap upwards, tugging/pulling and adjusting as needed. I then tuck away the other end at the very top and continue to adjust till I am happy. Le fin! 

To make it easier I of course have a video tutorial of the whole process. I also did a little “demo” of the same style with different scarves. 

I hope my IG friend get’s to see this video 😀 and I would love to hear what you all think of this style! 




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