Final Thoughts & Results of 6 weeks of Protective Styles & Castor Oil Challenge

Hey Maicurlies,

As you (probably) know, I was doing weekly updates of how my hair was feeling, looking and styled over the last few weeks during my Protective Style & Castor Oil challenge. You can find the updates here: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, Week 5, Week 6.

I just wanted to share a final summary of how I feel about the challenge as a whole, my results and future plans. I also have a video explaining how it all went on my YouTube Channel:

Castor Oil challenge results:

  • Hair remained moisturized throughout the week
  • My hair was super smooth, soft & shiny
  • I feel like my hair got a little thicker (I NEED every fiber I can get!)
  • My scalp was not itchy

Protective style challenge:

  • Less tangles
  • Less single strand knots
  • Less hand in hair syndrome
  • Less detangling time needed

Overall I am super happy with the results I got after 6 weeks.


I measured my hair before and after the challenge and while getting length was not my primary goal it was welcomed. I got some growth according to my rubbish measuring skills (I really suck at trying to measure my hair with a tape!)


Hair Growth Measurements

                                                                               Hair Growth Measurements

On average I got 3/4 inches of growth overall, with my crown getting the least amount (1/2 an inch) and the back more growth (1 inch). So I wouldn’t say it was anything “major” but it is still growth nonetheless and I am happy.

Points for the next time:

  • I think I will do an 8 week challenge next time.
  • Will probably try doing just one style per week (hopefully I will not “get bored”)
  • Will use my Castor Oil Blend a little more on my hairline since it is so fragile and can do with a boost in thickness.

Future plans:

  •  Do more protective styles during my normal routine to keep my ends protected and knots away.
  • Continue to use my castor oil blend on my scalp and hairline with a tiny bit on the ends of my hair. (Using it on my hairline every other day maybe everyday if I can get away with it.) 
  • I will occasionally add some of my castor oil blend to my DIY Deep Conditioners
  • Add a little castor oil blend with other others as a pre-poo before cleansing with Shikakai.

If you are doing any sort of challenge for your hair be it a heat-free, colour-free, protective style challenge etc. let me know how it is going, I would love to hear from you!






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