Stretching My Hair Without Heat (Using a Braid-Out)

Hello Maicurlies!


I just wanted to pop on and say that I finally have a new video up! Yes, my first 2014 Video! I recorded how I stretch my hair using a Braid-Out. As some of you may know I do not use heat on my hair (I do not own a Hair Dryer or Flat Iron) because I am useless at using them…at least from when I had relaxed hair. I do not want to push it because I am sure I will end up frying my hair LOL.

In order to take advantage of the length of my hair and to try diminish tangles I use heat free methods to stretch it. One of them is to fluff out a Braid-Out. My “method” is really simple. I basically just completely separate and fluff out a Braid-Out and that is it! Braiding my hair seems really elongate my curls (I stretched my hair when I did the Faux-Fawk.) I do not end up with “straight” hair… just elongated hair.

When I actually properly plan a style, I generally will stretch my hair as a “prep” and then Twist, Bantu-Knot etc, this way I get “longer looking” results. 

I have a video of my method on YouTube of course linked it to my Video page here. I also finally have a write-up and some pictures of my process here. I do have other methods which I will continue to add to the Blog and Channel.

What do you do to stretch your hair? I would love to know! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Stretching My Hair Without Heat (Using a Braid-Out)

  1. nappynaturally

    Mai, your hair is beautiful but your skin – OMG, it’s impeccable!
    I incorporate braiding or banding when I don’t use heat to stretch my hair. For those occasional times when I want my hair to be really straight – even at the roots – I either do a roller set or use Curlformers.


    1. maicurls Post author

      Hi Nappynaturally!

      That is really sweet of you to say! As we speak I am editing my Daily Skin Care Routine video but really I do not have impeccable skin (but I will gladly take the compliment!) 🙂 I just saw your post on Dry Skin Brushing and will have to try that on my “Spa Day”!

      You know I have never tried Banding my hair but will have to give it a whirl. I do not have Curlformers and want so desperately to try them!


      1. nappynaturally

        The banding process is the easiest for me; I just pop the rubber bands on the braids or twists I’m doing anyway. I’ve just now learned to love the Curlformers & you read why LOL. It looks like a press & curl without the scalp burns! Thanks for subscribing! I’m on my way over to your YT channel right now. Take care!


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