Third Styling Video – Simple Wash-N-Go is up on YouTube

Good Afternoon All!


This is just a quick post to say that I have my 3rd Styling Video on my “Simple Wash-N-Go” up on YouTube! As always I also have a link here. I consider this as is “simplified” method because I basically just apply my DIY Leave-In Conditioner to really damp/wet hair and then seal in the moisture with my DIY Mixed Sealing oil let it air dry and Go! (I fluff it out too once it is dry if I am at home otherwise I just go!)

On a side note, I am making notes on my planned videos of the styles I do with my hair and will start to throw in some of the styles I have never tired before. It will be interesting to load up videos of epic failed styles, which I am sure will happen!

Anyways it is getting closer to Christmas and I hope everyone is in the Festive mood! (I had to run out and do last minute shopping…as always!)

Have a fantastic day Maicurlies!



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