Going-natural.com Hair Diary

Hi Maicurlies!


A few days ago I was contacted by the Ms. Mia Press, the Social Media Manager of going-natural.com and was asked if I would be interested to do a “Hair Diary”. I was happy to make the video and went to do some research on other Hair Diaries done by Natural Heads on the site. Do take a look here at videos made by some stunning natural heads…all very inspiring! 😀

The site offers both genders a chance of answering some questions in regards to their hair, their journey, the ups and downs etc. So if you are interested in perhaps making a video that might inspire someone else take a look at “The Going Natural Video Diaries” page. All the questions are listed there as well as details of how you can send in your video. Mine can be located on my YouTube channel and I did link it here on my blog. It will be up on going-natural.com as well. Once it is I shall make a quick post.

If you have a video somewhere or something similar I would love to watch or hear about it! Let me know! 




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