Over The Last 4 Years… Transitioning to Natural

Hi Maicurlies,

From my Transition to my Natural Curls

From my Transition to my Natural Curls

Last night I was reminiscing by going through photos of my friends, family and I and started going as far back as the year 2000! As I was going through the photos I kept on cringing the further back I went…why you ask? Well apart from some of my “fashion sense” which were questionable and cringe worthy at times… I noticed how my hair looked! Now I really do not know if at the time I was living in my own little bubble (I do remember not liking my hair at all) but I never seemed to be at the point where I wanted to hide indoors because of my hair. Although looking back now I maybe should have! Anyways so I was clicking through photos and decided to collect a few of them to make a sort of “montage of time” (I miss developing actual photos…technology!) 

I simply did this in the hopes that it might help motivate someone out there that is considering going natural, transitioning, recently Big Chopped or Newly Natural (perhaps even already Natural!) It is funny looking back at how my hair has changed since going natural. Apart from the obvious drastic improvement after I stopped using relaxers and actually taking care of my hair I notice a change from when I finally stopped using chemical dyes. I was a dye FREAK! I went through colors like people change clothes! It did have its toll on my hair which is why I personally choose to stop. Anyways ladies I think the pictures summarize what I am trying to say :)! 

So if anyone is reading this and is in need of a little inspiration…I hope this will be a form of comfort. I started out with what I now call a bit of dry, brittle, fragile, thin and strangely colored straw-like hair (after my last relaxer and transition) to what I proudly call Maicurlz!!! 😀

I have posted the same picture in a new page under the “Mai Hair Journey” Tab called – ‘(2009 – 2013) Summary Look’ but added some details of each row. 

I would LOVE to hear from you! What has your experience been? Have you gone through photos too? Are you considering going natural? Transitioning? Big Chopping for 2014? Let me know! 




2 thoughts on “Over The Last 4 Years… Transitioning to Natural

    1. maicurls Post author

      Thank you Victoria! 😀 Looking back at it now I agree…while I was in the process it didn’t seem like it lol. It couldn’t grown fast enough at the time. Thanks again! Hope all is well 🙂 x



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