First Styling Video – Regular Normal Bun Is Up on YouTube

Good Evening Maicurlies,


I did it (doing my happy dance)… I made my first styling video! So yes I have my Regular Normal Bun Video up on YouTube. It is nothing fancy at all but I do like to turn to it when I want to do a really really simple protective style or when I do not want to bother doing a big style (especially if it is going to be wash day in the next day or two.) You can watch the Video here.

The tools I use are not really “tools” but regardless: I use a super stretchy hair bubble (without the metal ending), bobby pins and my DIY Spray Leave-In Conditioner.

I should have the write up of the process on my “Buns” page in the next day or two (it really is very easy.)

Hope you enjoy my styling and the future ones! 



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