DIY Protein Deep Conditioner Video Uploaded

Good Morning lovelies,


So I finally recorded, edited and loaded up my Protein Deep Conditioner video here. I am a bit of a stickler to getting the video “just right” (which is why it takes me ages to load up and it still is not “just right” buuuuut if I kept on edited it would take me forever!)

Anyways so that’s a wrap for my Wash Day Routine! 😀 I am very happy to finish off one “series”. 

I will be starting on my Daily Routines which basically is just to Moisturize my hair and Seal in that Moisture. I am looking forward to doing the styling videos (which will be after my Daily Routines Videos) so I can not wait till I am done with my Daily Routine videos. I will probably have 3 videos or 2 (if I can squeeze both my DIY Leave-In Conditioner mixes into one video.)

I hope you have a fantastic day!




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