Chunky Twist-Out

Voila - a;; done

Requirements for look:

  • Any length hair (you just need enough hair to hold onto and twist.)
  • Oil (Optional) – to help reduce extra frizz and give hair a shine

How to do the style:

For my Chunky Twist-Outs I do “big” two strand twists using my Creamy Leave-In conditioner and then my mixed sealing oil. Occasionally I will use my DIY Flaxseed Gel however I prefer a more “fluffier” result so I skip the Gel. I normally like to do the Twists on dry hair (occasionally on wet hair) again so that I get fluffy results. They are done the day before and taken down the next morning after letting them set overnight. I use bobby pins to hold down the Twists at night and a scarf to cover them. In this particular example I did dry Twists on Day 5 hair (roughly 13 – 15 Twists in total.)

Click on the pictures for a better look of my process as well as my explanations.

What is your Chunky Twist-Out method? I would love to hear from you!




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