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Large Straw Set

Hello Maicurlies!

Large Straw Set Curls

                            Large Straw Set Curls

I am back with another styling demo. I attempted to do a second straw set (first since being fully natural) about 2 weeks ago. In my previous attempt I was working with transitioning hair that was damp and just resulted in…let’s call it a mess! My hair was still damp the next day and because I was manipulation damp hair = frizz galore!

So this time I did things a little differently. I set my hair on dry hair that was co-washed, detangled, moisturized and sealed. I put my hair into less than 20 braids the night before and took them down in the morning because I figured it would be easier when it came to installing the straws if I had pre-made sections. 1 braid has 3 parts so I used 3 straws for each braid and had a total of 40 straws (and boy was it difficult to sleep, more on that later.)

In the past I used “regular” drinking straws but found some super huge straws (I think they are called Milkshake straws) and decided to try those.

large straws

The only product I used was my Rosewater Spray Flaxseed Gel.

I have a video demonstration on my YouTube channel (below)


Products/Tools Used:

Installing the Straws

My process was really simple, after applying the gel:

This is a closeup of my curls after I took down the straws

unseparated straw curlsAfter I separated and fluffed my roots

separated straw curls indoorsA little “extra” 😉

separated straw curls with flowersseparated straw curlsI do have to say I LOVED the style but there are a few things I would change. E.g. I would cut the straws in half because sleeping with 40 large straws in my hair…was NOT comfortable! I think I might actually be able to get away with not having to leave the straws in overnight if I start early because I prefer to work with dry hair so they should be dry before going to sleep. 

I will be trying this style again 🙂

Have you done a straw set? If so, what is your method? I would love to hear from you!