Small Twists

I decided to do ‘small’ Twists for the first time ever (August 2013)! I did them over two evenings (1st attempt …do not judge my slowness please).  I think with practice and a little more focus I could cut down the time. I did about 5 hours the first evening and then about 5 hours the next evening. I did not just sit down and focus on twisting, I was watching TV which can be (is) very distracting (for me).

I attached a couple of photos but I do not have photos of each step because I did not make a video…it really was not a planned style. The basic concept of my twists were the same as everyone else’s. It is just a basic two strand twist. SMALL two strand twists… well tiny for me! I am already dreading when I have to take them down!

Products use:

  • Plain Water Spray Bottle
  • Creamy Leave-In Conditioner
  • Flaxseed Gel
  • Mixed Sealing Oil

If I were to do this again I would make them a little bigger. Now keeping in mind that this was my first attempt there are some things I would like to experiment with If I were to repeat this again.

  1. Twist with dry and stretched hair – I did them on freshly washed hair and I used my spray bottle to keep the hair damp while twisting.
  2. Maybe use a stronger holding product. I need to tweak my Gel for this because I actually mixed my DIY Creamy Leave-in with my Gel in a separate container.
  3. Try to stop focusing on the TV while twisting!!!


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