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Featured on The Natural Hair Blog Directory

Hello Maicurlies!

May - The Natural Hair Blog Directory

I hope everyone is having a fantastic start to the weekend!

Once again a lovely Natural Head (Ms. Rae) who’s feature story was actually covered on my blog (you can read it herewas kind enough to post my own Natural Hair Journey as well as my venture into the world of Blogging and Vlogging on The Natural Hair Blog Directory (NHBD). I am a member of NHBD and I first want to say that the feature is not only done beautifully but also has an air of professionalism to it (so pretty)! My feature story can be read here

I love the NHBD because it allows Blogger/Vloggers and other natural heads (including those contemplating going back natural) to get to know one another, mingle and exchange stories/experiences/advice! 

I am really honored that I was able to get a feature on the Blog because of the actual concept of NHBD… bringing people who love Natural Hair together! I have mentioned the Blog in a previous post (Get Listed on Natural Hair Blog Directory), so in case you are a Blogger/Vlogger or you know a Blog or Vlog that has not signed up with NHBD then go ahead get it registered! If you are looking for inspiration, interesting reads or simply connecting with people then again the Blog is the place to visit because there are a number (over 100) Naturalista’s listed on there with a vast array of information. 

Thank you for the beautiful coverage Rae!  



Natural Hair On The News

Good Morning Maicurlies,

So before I start I have to say 2 things: 1. I came across this video thanks to a lovely natural head on Napturally Curly Hair Forum and 2. this is “old” and might be “old news” for you. The video was shared in one of the forums and I have never seen it before even though this it is from 2010!

So the first video shows how going natural affected 3 women, in that, they decided to go on their own personal natural journey for different reasons. 

The little girl at the end of the video is too cute! 

The second video is a follow up of the story showing the feedback and response from audiences who watched the original story. 

I have to say while this might be “old news” the core of the story is still alive and well so I had to share. I do not want to mention the name of the lovely lady who shared the video (respecting her privacy) but Thank You lovely lady! 😀 

Have a fantastic day Maicurlies!



Featured on Going Natural Video Diary

Good Afternoon Maicurlies,

Maicurls going

I am a member of Going and I was asked to make a Hair Dairy of my hair journey by answering a few questions (I mentioned this a few months ago). Well, I went online last night and noticed that my video is up on their page! I just wanted to say Thank You to Miapress (Social Media Manager) of Going for featuring my story on the site. Take a look at the video here and  please do take a gander at all the natural heads, videos and posts on the site there is a terrific collection of inspirational stories, models, information, images and much more!




Keeping a Hair Journal

Hi Maicurlies,

A New Year brings new missions, plans, goals and so on! This of course is not only true for our professional, personal and day to day lives but some of us also have goals for our hair! I will be touching upon the “Hair – side of things”!  

One of the most resourceful way to measure, record and monitor your goals is to write it down in a Journal. Now with the “Digital Age” you can of course use a Digital Journal. I personally prefer to physically use pen and paper (I guess I am “Old School”.) Now, when it comes to what to write in the journal I say EVERYTHING! 

I recently joined a Natural Hair Forum (which I have previously mentioned) Hair Forum and in there I spoke with a few of the lovely ladies and checked what they note down in their Hair Journals. It was great to share ideas because they brought to light some points that I seemed to have missed. So together with a few of the ideas I had and some of the suggestions I got, I have made a little list of things you can note down in your journal (these are just suggestions!)


You can map out the kind of routines you do/want to do e.g. when you want to pre-poo, Shampoo, deep condition, Co-wash etc. You can not down the products/ingredients you used, how your hair felt afterwards, how long it was been treatments etc. 

Hair Styles

In this category you can note down what hair styles you have tried and how they worked out for you. Included in here you can also write what products you used, how your hair was when you styled it (e.g. wet, damp, dry), how you set it (e.g. air dry, hooded dryer, hair dryer). You can also note down future planned styles you want to try out. 


Products/ Mixes

For this section you can note down any new products you have had your eyes on or new recipes you want  to mix. When it comes to recipes you should write down the ratios of each ingredient used, how you mixed it and how you applied it. At the same time I think it is just as important to record what worked or did not work. This way you save yourself (and your hair) have repeating a mishap or forgetting about a product/mix that your hair loved. Same as before you should note down how your hair felt, the process you used, how long you left it in, did you use direct heat or not, did you warm up the product/mixture etc.


Now when it comes to psychically writing in a journal it might not always be convenient to print out photos and stick them in the journal (although I LOVE the idea of that!) So what you can do is, have a folder on your computer dedicated to your hair journal which is ONLY used to document your hair progress. You can have a section for before/after Deep Conditioning, new product before/after results, new DIY mixes before/after results, tracking your growth, new hair style results etc. TIP: What I plan on doing for measuring my hair’s health and growth is to actually choose one hair style as my “staple monitoring” hair style. For example if I choose a Wash-n-Go to be the staple examining style I would take photos of my hair when I do a Wash-n-Go every month/two months and then track how my hair looks (in terms of health, shine)  its density (thickness.) and its growth. This way I have a more reliable measurement instead comparing stretched to un-stretched hair or puffy versus “un-puffy” hair. You might even go as far as to use the same product, wash routine etc. when monitoring the results.



Challenges are always fun to do (you might get a bigger kick out of it if you involve others as well.) So you can forum a group (or on your own) challenge yourself to do more protective styles, moisturize your hair more frequently, reduce heat, completely stop using heat etc. For example: write it down, note how you felt on the day when you would normally flat iron your hair,  and what you did to overcome the urge to use heat. Having it noted down somewhere might make you feel a little more accountable to go through with it! 

Short Term Goals

In here you can include when you plan on cutting/trimming your ends. You might also plan on dying your hair for a special occasion and you can plan and prep your hair for the event. Straightening your hair might also be on your plan (if you are not already using heat more frequently) so again you can plan and prep your hair for the special occasion. Note down the same as above: how you prepped, what you used and how your hair felt afterwards.

Long Term Goals

Now when it comes to long term goals this really is a personal thing. Some of us might want bra strap length hair, mid back length or longer! For some, your long term goal may be to use only organic products throughout the year. You might have a date picked out when you want you hair to be xx cm. If you integrated a new routine into your hair care then you long term goal might be to compare how your hair felt and looked one year ago compared to now and you will be in a better position to see if the new routine worked for you or not. You get to really determine/measure the results if you have recorded your progress every step of the way.

Final Tips

There are a few tips I think you should consider when you start to map out your goals.

KEEP IT REALISTIC (most important!) If you are starting out with a Tiny Weeny Afro (TWA) it might not be realistic to say “By the end of the year I want Hair reaching my B**T.” There is nothing wrong in wanting something however, if you setup goals that you KNOW are unrealistic, you might end up being disappointed or unmotivated if they do not turn out the way you want.

KEEP IT SIMPLE. For example: if you want to try out more protective styles saying “I want to try out a new hairstyle three times a week” might not be effective. Having conflicting goals e.g. trying to do more protective/less manipulative styles might not work out if you are constantly changing your hair style during the week.

DO YOUR RESEARCH. If you are working with a budget you might & should not go spending all your money on the ‘most expensive products’ just because you think that is what you have to do! There is so much information online! Do your research, experiment, read reviews, and ask questions. There is always an alternative out there, you just need to do a little homework!

DO NOT GIVE UP. It can be a hassle at times (believe me I know!) But you can not give up just because it is “hard.” Life in general is not easy and most of the time you need to push through to get what you want, but the rewards really are worth it! If you are stuck in a rut or think you can not make it, take a breath and relax. Keep in mind that you are NOT the only one going through this or struggling. Sometimes just looking at pictures, reading peoples stories, communicating with other can be just the thing you need, so do not give up! 

Ok so I wrote a book and will end it here by saying I am ALWAYS happy to answer any questions, discuss topics and share whatever I know so in case someone wants a shoulder to lean on (mine is free!)Good luck on whatever journey you might be on this year and remember you are not alone!



Maicurls Hair Diary

Hi Maicurlies!


A few days ago I was contacted by the Ms. Mia Press, the Social Media Manager of and was asked if I would be interested to do a “Hair Diary”. I was happy to make the video and went to do some research on other Hair Diaries done by Natural Heads on the site. Do take a look here at videos made by some stunning natural heads…all very inspiring! 😀

The site offers both genders a chance of answering some questions in regards to their hair, their journey, the ups and downs etc. So if you are interested in perhaps making a video that might inspire someone else take a look at “The Going Natural Video Diaries” page. All the questions are listed there as well as details of how you can send in your video. Mine can be located on my YouTube channel and I did link it here on my blog. It will be up on as well. Once it is I shall make a quick post.

If you have a video somewhere or something similar I would love to watch or hear about it! Let me know! 




Finding and/or Giving Help/Inspiration/Guidance through forums!

Good Morning Maicurlies,

Whether you are considering going natural, transitioning, newly natural or  a natural veteran, the sources of help out there (online) really are endless. I wish I had known this when I was going through my transition. I do not know why I did not consider going online or realize that I am NOT the only one going through this. So ladies I just wanted to make a quick post about the forums I have joined. Before I get into that, there are not enough words I can use to describe how inspiring the forums are! There are so many wonderful people on there that it can even be a little overwhelming! I love how connected you can get to people, share experiences, learn from one another, look at stunning photos for “hairspiration”. Apart from learning new things another aspect I personally love is sharing my information with people and perhaps providing motivation to someone!

I actually like the somewhat “smaller” forums just because I feel like I get to know the people on there a little better but I have joined both large and small communities.

So without further adu here are the forums I have joined:

Napturally Curly




Curl Friends City

Curl Friends City

Thirsty Roots Community

Thirsty Roots Community

Black Girl Long Hair

Black Girl Long Hair

Going Natural

Going Natural

Naturally Curly


Like I said above it doesn’t matter if you have been a natural head for years or if you are just playing with the idea…you will find people out there willing to help, talk, share and inspire! (These are just some of the forums online – the ones I have joined so far)

Have a nice day!