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Coconut Oil & Vitamin E – Update

Hi Maicurlies,

eyelashes and brows

It has already been 3 months since I started applying Virgin Coconut Oil with Vitamin E to my nails, lashes (and brows) and  it is high time for an update (this is late)! In case you missed my posts about how I used the oils as a mini challenge you can read about it here and watch part 1 below.

My application process was: 3x at night for my nails and (nearly) every night for my lashes as well as a little on my brows.         

So did I noticed any progress? Yup! I have my update video here: 


My nails are definitely growing a lot quicker than before, I have to cut them a lot more because of their growth (I like long nails but not claws 🙂 ) They also became stronger. The sides of my nails is where they usually are the weakest and what I noticed is that my nails would get brittle and then form layers because of:

  1. The way I filed my nails and
  2. The file I used 

You are supposed to file your nails in one direction, which I was not doing and I was not using the best file for my nails either. Not all metal files are bad this one just was not working for me.

Metal Nail File

Metal Nail File

So apart from using Coconut and Vitamin E Oil I also changed how I file my nails and got a new file which is made out of glass and has made a big difference for me (see below):

Glass Nail File

Glass Nail File

Overall though the oils definitely did work. 


My lashes have really taken off! I had this little section of lashes on the inside corner of my left eye that seems to have stunted growth LOL. I do not know why but the lashes there just liked to remain short. I made sure to pay particular attention to that area and they are now equal in length to the rest :). Apart from that, my lashes are longer and stronger, meaning they do not fall out as often as before. I am really impressed with how my lashes took to the oils! They are really shiny and moisturized (if that makes sense), they just look healthy. I think they are even a little fuller! So for my lashes it is a yes yes yes! 


My brows and I have an interesting relationship. I must admit I have naturally quite thin eyebrows and always over plucked my eyebrows. I use to get them threaded  a lot but have become too lazy to go to the beauty parlor to get them done so I use tweezers at home. I used the oils because I wanted to get them to be fuller and then “reshape” them properly. Did my brows thicken up? Yes…but the process of letting them fill up makes my already funny looking brows look even worse LOL. I have random bits of brow hair growing so I am just plucking the really oddly placed hairs while still letting the rest grow out. Overall it has helped to thicken my brows …slowly. 


I have said this before and I will say it again, a healthy diet and lifestyle really really helps! It is not only about making changes externally but also internally. Getting enough sleep, drinking water, eating healthy (vegetables, fruits, reducing sugars & fats etc), getting enough calcium (at least for me) and having the right vitamins (I prefer getting my vitamins directly from the source instead of taking pills) all play a role!        

In terms of the Coconut and Vitamin E Oil I would have to say it helped and I would suggest them if anyone is looking  to improve their nails, lashes and brows. 

Future plans

I have decided to use Castor and Vitamin E Oil for my next mini challenge. I will use them in exactly the same way as I did with the Coconut oil and then will monitor my results. Depending on which I prefer I will stick to using either coconut/Vitamin E or Castor/Vitamin E Oil. 

I would love to hear from you if you use either Coconut or Castor oil for your nails, lashes and brows! 





Tips for Longer and Stronger Nails and Lashes Video

Hi Maicurlies!

I finally have my video up on YouTube of my tips for longer and stronger nails and lashes!


I had a post up a little while back (I was slow with the video part) which you can read here. So starting officially today (19.4.2014) I will be using Virgin Coconut Oil with Vitamin E Oil for both my nails and lashes (and I decided I will also use it for my super thin brows). I plan on applying and leaving the oil on at night – 3x a week nails (without nail polish on) and every night (if I can remember) for my lashes and brows. 

I plan on monitoring my progress for 1 – 2 months to give it enough time to take effect. I have to say that having a healthy lifestyle would also have a stronger impact on the results. Eating healthy, drinking tons of water, getting enough sleep and doing exercise all play a role too! 

I will do a follow up to let you know if I noticed a difference or not after the 1 – 2 months.

If you do something similar, plan on doing the same or have already used coconut/castor or any other natural ingredient for your nails, lashes, brows please do let me know I would love to hear from you!

Have a lovely Ash Friday Maicurlies!