Natural Hair Academy (NHA) Update

Hey Maicurlies,

So a few weeks ago I very excitedly and perhaps a little prematurely wrote a post about how I won a Giveaway from the Natural Hair Academy. I say a little prematurely because I was sadly informed that I would not be able to get the Giveaway due to issues with shipping. (Pass the tissues please!)

On the day when Kim wanted to send me the package she found out that shipping the goods would pretty much cost an arm, a leg and then some! Now, I still officially won however like I said due to shipping costs I was unable to receive the goodies. 

Was I a little disappointed? Yes, but I do understand where Kim is coming from. When she explained how much it would cost (I will keep the number to myself) I was pretty shocked, although I know shipping can be a pain in the you-know-what. The astronomical shipping price is because of all the goodies in the package and the weight of it. The more it weighs the more it will cost and there is usually a weight limit per package meaning you might need to ship things in several packages = even more costs. The NHA is also a pretty small and new, like I said I understand their situation. 

Kim did offer  me an alternative in place of the Giveaway which was really nice of her (thank you Kim!).  She sent me the monetary value of the Giveaway  as a “gift card”. Like I said I completely understand why she could not send me the package especially comparing how much Kim said the Giveaway was valued at in contrast to the shipping, let me tell you shipping was about 3 – 6 times more which is crazy! 

Anywho, I just wanted to update you all because I made quite a big deal about winning, wanting to do an un-boxing post and video as well as a review of some of the products in package. I didn’t want you all to think I received the package and didn’t bother sharing 🙂 

Right Maicurlies, back to editing my next video! I hope you have a lovely day! 




5 thoughts on “Natural Hair Academy (NHA) Update

  1. Christina J

    I’m actually disappointed myself. I was hoping on seeing what you received and the product reviews from the package because it was soooooooo huge! I was a little excited. Wow I’m sorry you are not able to get the package. I mean all that DIY tho!!! Wow, sorry about that 😦

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    1. maicurls Post author

      Thank you sweety. Yeah I was looking forward to a unboxing and trying out the different products too it was a DIY dream but oh well. Maybe I will have luck on my side another time 😀


  2. isleofazure

    Well thats disappointing!!! Personally, would have found a way to get it to you still!!!! Thats why I always make sure I know shipping costs before doing give aways so I do not disappoint my winner but at least you got a gift card and happy for you about that, no worries sweet, next time!!! Wish you the best always, sorry about that but am sure you will win next time and get your goodies 😀 😀 😀

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    1. maicurls Post author

      Hey hun,

      Yeah, they do international shipping but I guess they haven’t shipped to this side of the world and especially a package that large. I was disappointed mainly because the Giveaway seems like it was the perfect fit for me, it being DIY and all but I appreciate the fact I did get a gift card instead. This way I still felt like I won something, plus I have a little extra spending money for online shopping. 😀

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