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Hey Maicurlies,

I wrote a new article for Global Couture that I think a few of us might have/are/will go through as a naturalista: Hand In Hair Syndrome (HIH).

Hand In Hair syndrome and how to try to combat it

                                Hand In Hair syndrome and how to try to combat it

In case the term is new to you all it basically means it that you “suffer” from constantly touching your hair – your hands are constantly in and and around your hair.

During my hair journey I was always touching my hair, wanting to feel my natural texture and play with my curls. Admittedly I will sometimes still play with my hair whenever I am really digging a style. In case you “suffer” from a bad case of  HIH, I provide a few potential consequences of the syndrome as well as a few solutions to try and stop touching your hair in the article: “Hand In Hair syndrome and how to try to combat it”.’

Do you “suffer” from HIH? What steps do you take to try and stop touching your hair throughout the day?



7 thoughts on “Hand In Hair Syndrome – Global Couture

  1. Senecea

    Protective styling has been a huge help in cutting down on how much I play in my hair but it also really helped me to try to figure out what parts of my hair I like to touch most. I realized that my roots and new growth are the places I prefer to give the greatest attention to at any given time so scalp massages are my way of doing something good for my scalp and I get to touch my new growth. I enjoyed your insight on this subject.

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    1. maicurls Post author

      Hey Sen! Thanks for sharing 🙂 It is great that you found a way to do something good for your hair will getting to play around with it too 🙂 Yup protective styles definitely make it more difficult to mess with our hair too much. Thanks again for commenting and sharing!



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