30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge Week 2 Update (8 – 14th October)

Gooood Morning,

Hope all of you are well Maicurlies!

Smoothies Week 2

Smoothies Week 2

I just finished up week 2 of the 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge and all is well. Same as before, we received our new list of smoothie ideas and I am looking forward to their deliciousness!

If you missed my last update you can find my recipes from week 1 here.

Below are the smoothies I did in week 2:

Smoothie Recipes week 2

Smoothie Recipes week 2

(Note: On Day 6 and 7 I made the same smoothie twice out of pure laziness . I also wanted to say that some of you might want to add honey or something to sweeten the smoothies. Some of them are not as sweet as you would like so if you feel the need go ahead and add honey, agave nectar etc. )

Now, after my first week I made the grand comment of how I felt my skin was looking and feeling great and I don’t know if I jinxed myself but I got 3 spots towards the end of last week!

It is not uncommon for me to get spots but it is funny that just as I declared how great my skin is feeling …voila… 3 spots grace me with their presence. (Slightly off topic: I am working on a few DIY Skin care products and will keep you posted!)

Anywho, apart from the 3 rather large and annoying spots the rest of my skin is feeling & looking great (I hope I do not get more now that I’ve said that!) I also started working out and drinking water in the morning which is part of a NEW challenge I am doing. I told you, “tis the season to be challenged” 😀 I will make a new post about my workout & water challenge.

Overall I am a happy camper. I like knowing I am doing something good for my body and health, I still love every minute of making (and drinking) my smoothies and I look forward to the weeks that follow!

Would love to hear from you and your smoothie experiences. Have you noticed a difference in your health, skin? A pep in your step? Anything?




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