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I have a new favorite Natural & Fashion Site that I want to  do a little “shout out” to, Global Couture. For those of you already in the know…isn’t it an AMAZING Site?? I love it! And for those of you that haven’t checked it out (yet) DO IT! The owner, the lovely Ms. Patricia Kelly not only has a blog/site but also has an online store where you can find accessories, appearal, bags even phone covers. Please do check out her Store.

I am proud to say that I am now a new guest contributor to Global Couture and have already had one article posted.

Is your hair breaking or shedding?

             Is your hair breaking or shedding?

You can read the whole post here.

They are actually looking for contributors so in case you are looking to gain a little experience in writing for a very professional blog please click on the image below to find out details of how you can join the team!

Global Couture Contributors Wanted

                          Global Couture Contributors Wanted

Whenever I have a new article up on Global Couture I will make a quick post here in case some of you are interested in the topics I cover over there.

Don’t forget to check out Global Couture




3 thoughts on “Guest Blogger on Global Couture

    1. maicurls Post author

      Hey Lovely!

      That is so sweet of you!! 🙂 You deserve to be nominated and see you rightfully were. Will answer the questions and pass it on.
      Thank You 😀



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