The Importance of Ingredient knowledge

Hi Maicurlies,

I yet again came across a post from Natura Magazine that I found Interesting.

Read Ingredients first

Sneaky Ingredients: A List of “Other Names” for Dangerous Hair Product Ingredients“. As the name indicates the article touches on some common ingredients found in a lot of hair products that we might not be aware of. For example, you might recognize the name mineral oil or petrolatum however, there are different variations of the ingredient and it can come in all sorts of forms. 

I know that I can be a little bit of an ingredient freak however, in my defense…I just do not like putting nasty stuff on my scalp, hair, skin or in my body. I also like knowing what I apply on and in my body. 

Now not everyone will be anti certain ingredients and one of those examples are silicons. Some ladies actually prefer to use products that include cones because the tend to give some slip and makes the hair feel smooth. There is nothing “wrong” with having that preference…to each her/his own. (If you do use cones you will want to clarify your hair…I had to throw that in there LOL). I only advocate that you actually understand and know what you are applying to/in your body and make a decision based on that knowledge.

If you come across an ingredient you have never heard of or can not pronounce look it up! Try to fight the urge to purchase the product until you know what it includes. Do a quick search on your phone while you are in the shop if you can not wait till you get home. 

Knowledge is power and nothing is more powerful that having full control of what you do with/to your body (this includes your hair)! 

Like I said, it is not for me to preach about which ingredients you should avoid however, I do preach that you should at least be aware of what you are buying before you go ahead and spend your hard earned money on a product that includes ingredients you might not actually want to use. 

Happy Reading Maicurlies! 



3 thoughts on “The Importance of Ingredient knowledge

    1. maicurls Post author

      🙂 yup! I sometimes feel like I overdo the whole checking the ingredient list thing but a lot of the products available around me contain “cheap” ingredients for the manufacturers and they are just nasty for the hair, skin and health.



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