Sulfates…yes, no, maybe?

Hello Maicurlies,

I came across another interesting article in Natura Magazine and wanted to share it with you. It touches on ingredients found in body washes mainly focuses on Sulfates.

Shower Gel Shampoo - Grant Cochrane -

Shower Gel Shampoo – Grant Cochrane –

“Sulfates: Should Your Body Wash Be Sulfate Free Too” basically asks whether one should opt for Sulfate free body washes due to the chemical properties of sulfates.

Now, I am not here to bash or cheer for Sulfates…everyone is free to decide what they want to use for their hair, body and health. I do have to say that I personally made a decision a long time ago to avoid sulfates (whenever possible) this not only includes my hair care but also my skin care. If you have been watching my YouTube videos or following my Blog you will notice I have mentioned a few times that I have super sensitive skin and therefore I am quite diligent in watching what I use. Like I said this is a personal choice, sulfates might not affect you in the same way it does me so to each his/her own. I just wanted to share an interesting article.

Disclaimer: I am not a scientist, dermatologist nor a doctor. I do my own personal research, consult with my doctor/dermatologist and base my decisions on what works for me and you should do the same. Please consult a doctor or dermatologist before you make any decisions for yourself!

Happy reading Maicurlies! 



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