Natura Magazine

Hello Maicurlies!

I am super excited!!! (Doing my I am excited dance right now!)

I have been in touch with stunning Ms. Malia Brown (Editor in Chief) of the beeeaaautiful Natural Magazine & Blog “Natura Magazine” (psst) if you haven’t already checked it out then stop right now and click on the link above (and then come back of course!)           

I guess the best way to explain what Natura is all about is to quote them:     

“Natura Magazine gis an online publication/natural hair blog that celebrates natural hair and healthy lifestyle living. The main purpose of the magazine is to educate readers on natural hair care, healthy lifestyle and living your best life possible through fitness and nutrition. Natura (which is Latin for nature) is distributed quarterly to its subscribers and is in a league of it’s own. The content of the magazine will take its readers on a journey of what it’s like to be natural in America today while breaking down all sterotypes and highlighting the appropriate ways to care for natural hair, various styling techniques and natural hair care and skin products. Readers will also get up close and personal hair moments with their favorite celebrities as well as fitness regimens for various body types and many healthy lifestyle tips from experts themselves in the hair care, skin care, nutrition and health industries.”

Source: Natura Magazine –              

The quote above basically breaks down what the online magazine/blog is all about. You have the actual “E-Magazine” and a blog with a lot of blog posts! I love the concept, content and feel of the entire site and it is FREE! If you subscribe and/or follow them you will always be informed when something new comes up. Did I mention it is FREE?!?!

So first things first. Natura will have a new magazine out on April 30th! See the cover “sneak peak” below. Once it is out I shall be sure to let you know! 

Natura Spring 2014

Of course they have previous issues such as the ones below. Yes, they are “old” issues but you can still read beautiful stories, see inspiring styles and learn a few tricks from the “old” right? (I just linked the magazines to their official magazine page.)

Natura Winter 2013  Fall 2013  Natura March 2013

Like I mentioned, apart from the magazines they also have a blog with a ton of information, stories, pictures, posts etc. and it is not only about Natural Hair! So, what I plan on doing is to highlight stories from their blog that I come across and if the stories/posts/images interest you then all you have to do is click on the links and read the entire posts on their page. (Yes, I am excited LOL).

So expect to see more than just my waffling about my natural hair, skin care and health tips from now on Maicurlies! 🙂

Thank you Ms. Malia!!!

P.S I was not requested, paid or compensated to share this information or any information to come regarding Natura Magazine. I just wanted to share because I enjoy Natura Magazine. 



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