Flexirod Set Video Up on YouTube

Hi Maicurlies!

I have a new video up on YouTube and this time it is of my second attempt EVER at a Flexirod Set. Now back in 2011 I had initially attempted a Flexirod set which failed miserably. Similar to my first attempt at Bantu Knots I had tried the style on wet hair and the next morning …you guessed it my hair was still damp! The curls did not set, the style did not hold and frizz kicked in BIG TIME! I decided back then that I would not do them “ever again” just because I did not realise that it was not the style at fault but my method! 

Flashforward to 2014 and Voila! 

Two different styles once I took down the flexirods

Two different styles once I took down the Flexirods

The results are MUCH better than my first try! The curls held and I like it! I think with practice I will get better but lets be honest for one minute…Flexirods are no joke when it comes to trying to sleep! I do not use heat so they had to set overnight and boy oh boy did I have a restless night! I had a total of 58 Flexirods that I set with my DIY Leave-In Conditioner, Flaxseed Gel and sealed with my DIY Mixed Sealing Oil. There are still a few things I would “tweak” and I also want to try wrap my hair down the rod instead of winding the rod up towards my scalp but that is for another day. 

I have a write up as always of my method here and linked my YouTube Video here

I would love to hear about your Flexirod attempts, fails, successes etc!




5 thoughts on “Flexirod Set Video Up on YouTube

    1. maicurls Post author

      Aw Thank You Islandgirlcurls! I am glad the results were better than my first attempt because that lack of sleep…I would have been mad if the results didn’t work out LOL. P.s. just checked out your Blog will be following you 🙂


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