Neglecting Skin and Health Sections!!!

Good Morning Lovely Maicurlies,

It is a beautiful day today and as I was getting ready to start my day I thought about going over my blog and then it dawned on me! I seem to have gotten so caught up on my Hair sections that I somehow forgot about the Skin and Health part! Now, when I first thought about making my Blog I said “yes I will focus on my hair ….I will show this mixture…that style…blahblahblah”. I made a little “brainstorm” of ideas and all that good stuff. I then thought I should also include something else because life is not ALL about hair right?! But ever since I started doing my DIY Mixing Videos I seem to have gotten sidetracked. So I have to apologize about that! 

If all I do is focus on Hair…I will run out of things to write about and record LOL! As I have mentioned 100x by now…I am NOT a professional. So instead of creating a blog that will die down in a year (due to lack of material) I will start to include more posts, videos etc about Skin Care and some “Health tips”. For example I have a new exercise schedule that I need to load up and some odd’s and ends I can mention. In regards to Skin I will start making videos on my little mixes at first. There are also some alternative options that you can use as apposed to just the ones I use so I shall start doing something about that too. 

This way I am not boring you with hair…hair…hair! Ok I got that off my chest 🙂

I hope you enjoy your day/night! 



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