Feature on Black Hair Information

Hello Ladies & Gents,

So I was lucky enough to get My Hair Story to be featured on the beautiful Ms. Alma Ruddock’s website Black Hair Information. I have to say I love her site! It is filled and I mean filled with a lot of hair care, tips, stories etc. If you have not already checked it out you must! I have already added it to my “Must Read” sites/blog list. This is the link to Black Hair Information. It basically honers all hair not just natural hair so there is information on there for ladies and/or gents with relaxed hair as well.

So as I said, I managed to get my story on her site, you can find it here. I really do love reading about other people’s stories and always found them so helpful while I was on my own journey (I still find them helpful today 4 years later!) I figured putting my story on there might possibly help someone out as well!

Hope you have a lovely day!




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