New Pages Added

I feel like I am writing in a diary at times LOL.

Well anyways… I have added a few new pages! One is dedicated to my viewers (soon to be viewers)! I hope that with time there will be people who will be interested to be featured on the blog. It will be all about you and your curls. I find pages like this so inspiring. I actually was features on (I put up information on that in the previous post). I love reading about other peoples stories/journey’s so I figured why not add this as well! Apart from your hair stories I also added a section for the favorite hair styles you love wearing. 

I guess with time… hopefully… the blog will pick up and people will want to share their stories & pictures. 

I also added a page with my YouTube videos. This allows you to just watch my routines/tutorials which can sometimes be easier to do instead of trying to sift through all my blahblahblah ;). Right that is it for now!

Have a lovely day! 




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